Anonymous asked—

Hey is this blog still active? I miss it.

Hey, I miss you, too.

I haven’t had any time for even my own personal blog shenanigans lately, let alone something like making easy graphics (the other two admins have also officially resigned duties here— but still have their accounts listed as members here, so I’m not too sure what’s going on with them anymore?). 

tl;dr: it’s just me here now.

I can’t make any promises saying I’ll be back for good or posting as frequently when I first started this blog back when I was a kid, but I would actually like to continue contributing to my favourite “story” via this particular Tumblr account. So, with that said, I guess we’ll see where that leads us.

And to anyone looking to get into contact with me specifically (former admins and followers alike), please feel free to message my personal blog or drop a message through TMG’s askbox. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, and I apologize about the delay. Real-life has been absolutely brutal.



even though my last edit got stolen (which is why this one features my url) i decided i wanted to make another

when i saw the reposted gif, with all those notes, i decided that i wanted to see what people had to say. and even though some of it was ignorant and hurtful and scarring, most of it was overwhelmingly positive. most of it came from people like me, starved for representation and so, so excited by the idea of something that they loved (disney or mermaids or both) having a character that looked like them, even if it wasnt real

there were also a lot of arguments about her race? she was supposed to be me, so she is multiracial, which leaves the door wide open. if you look and see you, you can see whatever you want

i dig this a lot.



Request completed for the anonymous.


Non-Human Disney’s A-Z Challenge:”A”

↳ "A" is for Atlantica



This is Non-human Disney’s first challenge and my first challenge ever! I really love letter challenges. I hope you will participate with me. Enjoy!

  • You can use gifs, edits, Photosets, etc.
  • You can post one or more a day so you choose
  • Each letter you go through must represent something that starts with the same letter. A character, song, quote, etc anything you choose.

Vanessa Icons for use                                               

Requested by Anon/ credit would be nice, but not necessary. Please do not claim as your own. Enjoy!


King Triton’s Daughters                                                

Requested by Ohdareodair


 Ariel Icons for use

Credit would be nice, but not necessary. Please don’t claim as your own. Enjoy! 


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